To the beach.

I've always wanted to take Aisha to the beach, but never got a chance until yesterday. I thought she would enjoy the water, as she likes to play with water at home. And yes, she loved going to the river near our home in India. So we took her to the beach. Although we left at some 5 pm, we lost our way for a couple of times and by the time we reached the beach it was dark. We parked and walked towards the sea. Contrary to my belief, Aisha was frightened of the sea - the sound of the waves scared her. I tried to ease her and get her into the water, but she was adamant and held tight on to her dad. There were kids playing in the water, people swimming and even I immersed my toes into the water. Aisha watched all these, but never got down to step into the sea. Well, this was not how I imagined the trip!!
We got to the land where Aisha enjoyed her time playing with the sand and watched the lights of Burj Al Arab changing its colors. 

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