I took Aisha for her vaccinations. We had two follow-ups earlier, on her 15th day and 37th day. She weighed 2.5 kg on her 15th day, ie, gained around 0.25 after we left hospital. She was ok, the doc said, and there was nothing to worry about her pre-term delivery. On her 37th day, which was my expected delivery date, she weighed 3.6 kg, was 51.2 long with a head circumference of 36 cm. The doc said she has become a normal baby, ready to explore the world. He gave me a short counseling, ‘coz of my worry when the baby vomits or makes sound when breathing. Well, that was right. Her sleeping time has reduced from 23 and half hours to some 15 - 20 hours and she started to observe her surroundings. She smiles, she knows my sound and smell.
Her vaccination day was her 52nd day. She cried a little. My uncle was there in the hospital, a pediatrician, and he gave me advices about how to take care of her. Her belly button was protruding, which we haven’t noticed in any other babies. Uncle said it is ok to have protruding belly button till she reaches one year or so. I was relaxed.

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