Going back to childhood.

Yummy mud cake.
Sometimes children brings backs your childhood to you. It was such a moment for me when I made a 'coconut shell mud cake' for Aisha. In our early childhood days, we used to play 'home', by making mud cakes, fried stones, leafy salads and flower deserts for the meals. The meal was served in banana leaves or yam leaves with spoons made of jack-fruit tree leaves. There were kids of all ages in our joint family. The older ones acted as the Mom and Dad, the younger ones were their kids. We used to build small homes between trees, with newspapers and banana leaves as roof and walls.The place would be bustling with noises- yells, whimpers, giggles, whispers etc.
For Aisha, she had none of these. It was only Aisha and me. I silently made a cake, while Aisha watched. The only sound was my 'NO's to Aisha when she came to destroy the cake - a piece of my childhood.


... and destroying.
I'm sure Aisha will never have a childhood like mine, but I wish she would also enjoy her childhood. I want her to have some moments in her life which she can share with her kids... like setting up a mud cake meal!

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