Bucket list updates.

There is nothing much to cross off from the list. The truth is, I have been a bit busy to put up updates of Aisha.
Aisha can now speak a few words now. She can mimic the mewing of a cat, clucking of a hen and crowing of a crow.
I'm crossing off a few of her updates- playing with mud and her first dance steps. You can visit her project 2012 list to read or watch her updates.
Thanks for visiting and have a good week ahead.
Play time.

Helping hands - moving a watermelon all by herself.

She loves spinach. So I pluck a few leaves from them everyday to mix it with her rice. Today, she is doing the  job.


Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

I love these photos...she is so involved in every aspect of your day, mashaAllah.
We didn't have anything to cross off either...moms are busy.

I hope that things are going well for you all.
Salam alaikum!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the updates....Aisha is growing fast and is helping you a lot!
Have a lovely week too. xo

Asma Khan said...

Cute as always... :)

Visit my blog-->Stay Blessed

jellybeans said...

Many thanks to Najeeba and her rainbow. I've resumed blogging and "i too have a rainbow"...