Anyone want to know the success of my potty training? Aisha now knows to wipe the floor after peeing! She takes the washed and folded bedsheet, my hijab or shawl, Mom's bath towel or anything she can get to wipe out the mess. The point is, should I applause her for her help or should I shout at her for messing with the clothes? No idea!
Alhamdulillah, Aisha has put on some weight. I hope her eating habits stay with her. Usually, she starts eating normally for some days, and then gets sick. I hope she never gets sick again.
Aisha is enjoying the spring now- with the shivering cold gone. The sun has got its warmth now. There are a lot of butterflies in our garden, Aisha is thrilled.
Licking a bone.

Learning arabic.

Playing with tender coconut.