To pre- school.

And the big day arrived...
Ready for school.

We have been planning to go to school since November and it was today we actually did it. The blame is on me - my constant procrastination. I was also a little bit worried, may be all mothers do worry about sending their kids to school. Will they take good care of our angels, will some one hurt them and so many other senseless worries. 'Senseless' was my worry too, for when I went to pick her, my little smart girl was really managing everything by herself!
Her school is an Anganawadi run by the government of India, and they provide kids with nutritious food and health-care activities, together with pre-school activities. She has got a teacher and an Anganawadi Worker, or helper, to take care of the kids. There were 16 kids, but that number changes everyday.

 She was happy and excited about school, thanks to her cousins who are going to school, and they love it. But she started crying when the helper at school took her, and she was yelling when we, myself and my Father-in-law, returned back. As the rule, parents are not allowed at the school premises. It took all my heart to come back from my crying girl. I wanted to go back and bring her home. Even at home, I missed her a lot. I kept myself busy, so that time would fly fast.
 The helper asked me to come back at noon, as it is the first day for her. Usually the timing is from 10 am to 3 pm. I didn't know what they meant by 'noon', but since I was dying to see her, I went as early as possible. When I went back, she came running to me, crying. The helper told me she was fine till she saw me. Kids don't miss us as we miss them. She was given her lunch from school, and she ate it all by herself (which she has not done from home for more than a couple of times). She completed it, took the plate to the wash area. The helper washed her hands and mouth. We returned home, promising to go back tomorrow. I was afraid if she will dislike her school , but she told me she liked it and wanted to go there again. Alhamdulillah!!

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Party of 5 said...

Oh my i can't believe she's in school now. I get weepy thinking about how fast they grow.
She seems happy all the time, but I guess as a mother you would worry.