6 Months.

Aisha turned half-a-year yesterday. Wow! Isn't that great? I remember the day Hamdu mon turned 6 months old, I was very sad. Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me a rainbow and now she has turned 6 months. How fast time flies!
Six Months Old
Aisha has started rolling over, which makes my days messier and her days eventful. She rolls over to pull the curtains, under the cot to pull the bed sheet, near the staircase to lick the staircase pillar. She screams at the top of her voice, and laughs loud. She makes sound to get attention from others. Loves her grandpa, my dad-in-law very much that she jumps with joy at when she hears his voice. When in our bed, she stares at the door to see if someone is coming to pick her up. She smiles at everyone who smiles or talks to her. Her potty practice is almost on the way to the end, she makes some sounds or cries when she wants to pee. She pees in her potty twice in her sleep at night. She has started her semi solid food, kunnan kaya, a special variety banana powder given to infants in kerala and ragi (finger millet), both cooked with a teaspoon of coconut milk or a drop of ghee. She eats well if she is in good mood, that is if she is hungry and not sleepy. Else she eats only half of what I made and spits (sprays) half of what I give her. Weaning is really tough!

She knows it when I end feeding her, when I give her water from the cup. She starts to get up from my lap, starts rolling over and sprays the water all over my face!


Nishana said...

MaashaAllah- shez is growing really quick.. I am telling you Najee, after few weeks you won't be able to click her photos, bcz she will want cam and click urs..:)

About Aisha said...

@Nish - even now, she tries to grab the cam. I succeed in taking her fotos because she cannot move, ;)