You know what? Aisha never cries when she wakes up from her sleep, i.e, if she is in a good mood. She wakes up, and then starts her play. She poos and pees in her cradle, and never makes a sound. When I peep from the kitchen, to see if she is sleeping ok, she will be busy licking the cloth of her cradle!
In India, we use a clothe cradle, which is tied with a rope to a hook on the roof. Babies love sleeping in it, as they get a feel of their mother's womb inside it. I put Aisha in it during her day time nap, and at night, I put her near to me so that she gets her Mom's warmth. Another advantage of this cradle is that I donot have to worry of Aisha falling from the cot.
Aisha's cradle

Sleeping in her cradle.

Woke up!
Aisha loves it when I swing the cradle for her, she laughs and kicks, if not sleepy. If sleepy, she just lays still and sleeps with a soft lullaby from me.

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