200 Days

Aisha has completed 200 days. Hmm... big girl. Now she will reach 300, then 1 year, 2 years,... Soon to school and then to college. She will get married and I'll become a grandma, right? Ha ha ha ha. Just day dreams.
My tiny little bug just 200 days

Her eating habits have improved, partially because I have become more expert in weaning and partially because she has become more hungry. Now I know how much she needs, so I cook accordingly. The funny thing is she doesn't like to drink water in her feeding bottle. She wants to drink it in a glass, as we drink. May be she is declaring that she is not a baby any more. And yeah, she won't eat if the food is given in a metal spoon. She needs her white plastic spoon that comes with the weaning bottle. So many rules and regulations!!
Aisha sleeps alright now. She doesn't pee at night, that is from around 9 pm to 7 am. And so the first thing she does in the morning is peeing and pooing. That makes my days and nights easier, as I don't have to worry about it.
She has become more social now, making everyone who passes her take her. When my cousins come home, she shouts and laughs loud to get their attention. When they look at her, she stamps her little feet, which means "Take me!". If they do not pay attention to her, she screams her lungs out. She loves gents more than ladies, 'coz she knows that gents will go out.

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Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Aww, mashaAllah.I love her so much.