Remembering those days

Last year this day…I went to hospital for a routine check up, but was admitted there when they found through a USG that I had the same problem which I had during my first delivery – a prolapsed chord.

Celebrating the anniversary with Aisha now…Thanks to my Gyno, the radiologist and the biggest thanks to – God, Alhamdulillah.
Aisha has learned how to spit – she pushes out the solid particles with her tongue. I am happy because spits the paper pieces or other particles she mouths, and I am sad that she spits the solid food I give her. She wants to make her new achievement perfect by practicing it even with her favorite biscuit. Feeding her with semi-solid food is easier when compared to solid food - I have to keep pushing the morsels into her mouth every time she pushes it out.
Potty-ing Aisha is getting more difficult as she has got no time for pooing or peeing. When pooing or peeing, she sits still only for a second or two, and then tries to stand up and run away. She puddles her potty and herself, and I have to clean the whole bathroom many times a day!  I'd like to take some rest guys...

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Bonnie said...

Don't worry I spend most of the day cleaning up puke or pee or both that has gotten on my clothes......

She is so cute ma'ashallah!!! I can't wait until my little man is that old. Every age comes with it's issues and really the ones of a baby I am finding are far more simple than those of my 10 year old!

Love and light to you sis