Aisha had a fever day before yesterday. It was at dawn when I felt she had a temperature, and the thermometer read 38.1 degree Celsius. Aisha never had any illness until now, and so, at first I was confused about what to do. After a few moments, I remembered about the Mexican mint that my co-sister planted. I took two of the leaves, squeezed out the juice and gave it to Aisha. I wanted to take her to a homeopathic doctor, since I believe homeopathy is best for babies, with no side effects. But our doctor was on leave and so I had to take her to a pediatrician. When they checked her temperature at the clinic, it has dropped down to 36.4, thanks to the therapy of the Mexican mint my mother taught me. As usual, the doc gave her a paracetamol syrup and an anti-allergic syrup. Thank God he didn't give any antibiotics but insisted on taking it if her fever is not fully cured within three days. I hate modern medicine. He said it was a flu and advised us to give Aisha flu vaccinations as soon as she has recovered from her illness.
Aisha didn't make a fuss, nor did she take her rest. She is full of energy, chasing her cousin and scooting around the home. The only problem is her appetite - she don't want to eat anything and I don't want to give her the medicines without giving her any solid food. So I have to force the food on her, which makes her scream. She takes her medicines with out much whining or wincing, but now that she has learned to spit, everything we put inside her mouth shoots out with double the speed. Same story for medicines too.
Her nose is blocked and I had to use saline water today. She struggled a little when I put her on her bed, but after the squeezing the drops, she was happy. May be she must have got frightened when she saw all these weapons - Mama is getting ready for a fight!!
I sometimes feel like I'm also having the fever, my nose is blocked, I have got a throat pain. I cannot switch off the a/c 'coz Aisha starts sweating ( mostly her head, we plan to trim her hair this weekend).
The feverish girl.

I had to take out her books to make her sit calmly for sometime.


Amalia said...

Poor Aisha, I hope she is feeling better soon.

Nora also has fever for the past few days. All the little ones at her daycare are getting sick it seems. I hate hearing her coughing and the cough wakes her up from sleep so she is exhausted.

ISA all our babies will be better soon

Asma Khan said...

Ohhh take good care of her... :/
I think weather changes cause fever...
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sunny said...

She is adorable,take good care of her:)