Back to India Via Hyderabad – VI

The flight back home was at 12 noon. D came home yesterday to bid us goodbye, we hired a taxi to take us to the airport. It was a wonderful stay at Hyderabad and many thanks goes to S and D for making us feel at home.
The gazal song in the taxi brought a nostalgic feeling, although it was only five days since I have met Hyderabad. The airport had a good book shop in their lounge and I spent some minutes there. We met some Malayalees from many places on our trip, at the museum, the Film City and now at the airport - there were many. Its good to see people who talk you mother tongue.
On flight.
Aisha slept during the first phase of the journey. She woke up for lunch. I think we were flying above the Western Ghats, when my ears started paining. It was terrible, and this was the first time for me. Hubby had his share of the pain during our trip from Dubai to Hyderabad and so he was fine now. Aisha also started yelling with pain. The main cause of the problem was our blocked nose. We suffered the pain for almost half an hour, and Aisha was so agonized that she wanted to cling to my chest. Hubby couldn’t do anything to make her come to him. It was a terrible time with pain in my ear and a yelling Aisha on my chest.
I was so relieved when at last the flight landed, and we got out of the airport quickly. Father-in-law was waiting for us. Aisha still remembered him even though she did not allow him to hold her or carry her. We reached home by 4 pm. Aisha was running through the place, touring the place. She went for the hen coop, upstairs and ran through the rooms. Aisha’s great grandmother was also there at home, although she is an Alzheimer’s patient and remembers nothing.
Home at last and we were urgently in need of some rest and sleep.

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