@ Ferrari World.

It was hubby's and his twin brother's birthday yesterday. Oh! I forgot about that. We have planned for a visit to the Ferrari themed amusement park situated on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Hubby's friend was joining us on the trip and it was he who reminded us of the birthday.
The three at the entrance.
Ferrari World, like other tourist attractions across UAE has also got some world records. I think its the biggest indoor amusement park. Unfortunately, the roller coaster was out of service on the day we visited. We had no option but to get contended with the other rides.

Most of the rides were for bigger kids, and not toddlers. Aisha was permitted only to 3 or 4 rides. We took turns in rides so that Aisha was not left alone. Aisha loved the slides more that the rides. Unlike most other kids at the park, Aisha wasn't afraid of the climbing nets or the tubular slides. She always opted the climbing nets instead of the stairs.

After spending some time on the slides, we moved towards other rides. Most of them were not suitable for Aisha and so she had to spend her time on the car models displayed around the park while her cousins enjoyed the rides. There was a drive that suited Aisha. Aisha was very thrilled to drive a car all by herself! She was shouting and jumping in the car (and I didn't get any good photos of her :( .)

Riding a car.
After the drive in the car, Aisha wanted to drive her dad's car too!!
We left the place at around 8 pm. Aisha was tired after the eventful day and she was fast asleep as soon as we got into the car and started back home.

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