At the top.

Yesterday, we- Aisha, me, my co-sis and my niece-in-law, visited the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. We booked our tickets earlier and so the appointed time for us was at 4:30 yesterday. As it was still working hour for hubby and his brother, they were not able to accompany us. We took the metro to Dubai all and from there they provide special entrance to the observation deck situated at the 124th floor (above 450 meters) of the building.
We reached the place before our time and so we decided to take a walk through the parks and ponds.

We were permitted inside only at the specified time. After security check, we were asked to wait in a queue. We waited in four or five different queues before we finally reached the lift that took us to the observation deck. Aisha slept from one of the queues. It took less that one minute to reach the floor. I felt my ears popping. It was good that Aisha slept, or else she would have yelled at top of her lungs!
 The sight from the deck was like the scene you see from your flight-window during landing and take-off. We decided to stay at the top until sunset. It was breathtaking to see the sun slide into the sea and the land below start glowing in the yellow street lights. A more glorious sight was the Dubai Fountain from above it - the water, light and music brings a marvelous movie below you.
Aisha woke up a few minutes later to see herself at the top of the world. Aisha was hungry and although food wasn't aloud at the place, I had to dig her out some snacks that  was kept unnoticed in my bag. The returning queue was also a long one which made Aisha even more fretful. With Aisha in a bad mood and the 2 plus hours of stay on the deck holding Aisha, I was more than happy to get out of the place.

All the way down.

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