Back to India Via Hyderabad – II

Salar Jung Museum.

D was doing an MS program, and so she left us early in the morning after making us a hearty breakfast. Even though she was busy and had a long day before her, she was very particular in making us feel at home. S was helping her but she never wanted me to do any of the chores – even wash the plates. I was still tired after the late night sleep and so everything wasn’t going well as planned. By the time we bathed and got ready, it was time for lunch. We dined out and went to the Salar Jung Museum of Hyderabad. There are many excellent works of art in the museum, including the double-faced statue, the veiled Rebecca and the musical clock. There are also many paintings that depicts the Indian culture during the ancient and medieval times, under the Hindu, Muslim and British rulers. The museum has all under one roof - paintings and sculptures from Hindu mythology, the works of Muslim architects and the artifacts from the Greek and other European mythologies. Sometimes you wonder at the different styles of life and beliefs the country has gone through.
We reached the museum at around 3 pm and the closing time was 5 pm. We had to rush through the halls. Since some repairs and constructions were being made at the museum, we were not allowed at some galleries. As usual, Aisha got tired and frenzy and started being peevish. Aisha started yelling when I put her bag on the scanner at the entrance of the gallery. Literally, we ran out of the museum. It was when we got out of the museum that we remembered our camera was with the staff of the museum – shooting was not allowed inside. Hubby went again to get it back. Touring with youngsters is not at all a good idea.
On the way back home, we went to hubby’s ex-office to meet his ex-colleagues. We spent sometime there. Hubby has got an identical twin brother who had also worked in the same office and it was fun to see their colleagues getting confused about who the person is. One smart guy anyway recognized hubby, and his explanation was, “the spouse was different!!” 

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