Sleeping Habit for Aisha

Aisha never slept at night until now. From the time of her birth, she always slept only after 2 am. Some days it went over to 4 am, and it reached even 8 am some 2 or 3 occasions. I consulted with all doctors, modern medicine, ayurvedic and homeopathic. Modern medicine never gave me any reason or treatment for this. Ayurvedic doctors suggested giving date juice. They also suggested bathing her in water boiled with goose berry. Well, at four months I started the treatment. Squeezed out juice from three dates everyday and gave it to her. That was the her first food. I also gave her dried grapes juice as a treatment for constipation. Her motion became normal with the grapes, but she was still sleep deprived!
Lights off, please!
One day at night, as usual when Aisha was in one of her best moods, shouting and laughing and cooing, my mom came to our room. She asked Aisha to sleep, in a harsh tone and then she shut the door tight. And Aisha slept! She slept till morning, with waking up only once or twice for her feed. I was surprised and glad. The next day, while going to sleep, I shut the door myself. Aisha slept that night too. It was at that time I understood. Her sleeping problem was due to the light from the hall. It was my suggestion to keep the lights on in the hall (dining room) of our home, so that I could see Aisha, and I can easily feed her.
For four to five months, she never slept at night and it never occurred to me that it was the light that was keeping her sleep away. I'm not a good mom, isn't it? I still feel sad at the thought of it, my little girl's sleep was disturbed by me.
Now she sleeps all-right, from around 10 pm to 8 am in the morning. No dates juices. Nothing else. A dark room is all she wants!

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Chasing Rainbow said...

The babies know more than we think. Rainbow had the same kind of hours, we were never told to do anything but wait and be patient.

I'm glad I have more rest now. I assume you are happy to have more sleep time as well, lol.