First Marriage Function

It was my hubby's cousin's marriage. Aisha was thrilled at the outing. She knows it when I change her in diapers. Diaper is used only when we go out of the home. As usual, I was worried about Aisha. The summer is blistering and with a lot of people gathered, it will be very difficult for Aisha. But she proved wrong. As a precaution, I dressed her in cotton clothes that were sleeveless and loose. I took extra pairs of dresses and towels so that I could give her a bath to cool her, if needed.
When we reached the auditorium, she was staring all around. My aunties-in-law, cousins-in-law, their kids, uncles-in-law and a lot of friends and relatives surrounded Aisha. One particular thing that Aisha found interesting was the movie camera. It was a big one, with a huge light, lighting the entire stage. When I was near the stage, Aisha started pushing me towards the flowers kept to decorate the stage. After the lunch, I went to the dressing room. The groom have left, the dressing room was empty. I took of Aisha's clothes and lay her naked on a cot in a flannel. She was happy to be out of her dress from the heat. My aunt-in-law was there with me, and Aisha started playing with her. We waited there till it was time for the bride to arrive.
At about 4 pm, someone announced the arrival of the bride. I changed Aisha into a new frock and took her to meet the bride. She liked the bride, who had a lot of ornaments, jasmin flowers on her head and dressed in a shining silk saree. The bride had around 1 kg of gold on her body! Won't Aisha be mesmerized?
Aisha with my aunt-in-law.

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Chasing Rainbow said...

How beautiful...the wedding sounds amazing. Glad you had a good time, and that Aisha liked it as well.