Happy 3 Months

3 months completed. We reached Aisha’s dad’s home on Jan 26th (the republic day of India). I was a little tensed not knowing what will happen with the change of home. The home, my in-laws etc are new to her. Even the climate. It’s a cool atmosphere at my home while it is hot at my Hubby’s home. No flannels, turkeys, blankets, mittens, booties etc etc. The fan is at its high. I don’t remember switching the fan on when at my place. Aisha’s dad came on 28th. She laughed and cooed when she saw him. She was glad to see him.
Aisha was fine. She adapted to the situations and surroundings well. The only problem was her sleep time – from 4 am to 4 pm with a one-hour break for her bath. I am sleep deprived!
On Jan 22nd, I gave her second vaccination. Although she didn’t have a high fever like last time, she was all quiet for two days. It worries me a lot.
Happy 3 Months.

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