...and we are back!!!
I'm soooo sorry for disappearing from the blog world for such a long time. I know I've done wrong. I was a bit busy, a bit lazy and something kept me away from writing anything. I think the writing instinct in me went down for a few months. The work-laziness directly proportional theory also played its part - the more work, the more lazy I became. The transition again from India to Dubai is making me go insane! It takes a lot of time to prepare for the journey, and then you have the post-journey getting-settled-down syndrome (??!!). It took some days for Aisha to understand that she cannot always run out, see the hens and be pampered by grandparents. Here it is only two of us.
Now that I'm back, let me first complete the updates -strike off some of the assignments in our bucket list updates.
NB: I've dated my posts according to the time of the events.