In the ICU.

Something terrible happened yesterday.
 I went to see a dentist leaving Aisha at home. This was the first time I was going out without Aisha, and I missed her a lot. I read somewhere that the kids won't miss us as much as we miss them. That was true in Aisha's case. She was happy with her cousins. Her only demand was that I should bring her some candies when I return from the clinic.
I was waiting for my turn at the dentist when I got a call from home. My sis-in-law was on the other side, saying "Aisha has been taken to the hospital. She took some pills. There is nothing to worry, though." Even if there is nothing to worry, I worried a lot. What pills have she taken? How is she now? I got out of the clinic and rushed to the hospital. There was Aisha, all shocked and surprised with that innocent look - what have I done wrong? My mom was there with her. The pediatric, also a relative, was examining her.
"The kids were playing. We gave them some Chocos cereal in a bowl. Sometime later, we sensed something wrong as the home has gone all silent (Silence always meant trouble in case of kids.). I went to look for them and saw they were playing doctor- patient. There were some pills in Aisha's bowl. When I asked them if they have eaten it, they said Aisha has eaten some. Not sure though." My mom explained. She gave the doc the strip of the pills. It was my tablets for hypertension, taken during my first pregnancy and now expired.
The doc suggested to put her in observation for 4 to 5 hours and do a gastric lavage. She was taken to the kids ICU.

A tube was inserted into stomach through her nose. Aisha yelled a lot, and we had to grab her hands to keep her off from pulling the tube. The doc ingested a small amount of  fluid through it, and then removed it. Out came the Chocos cereal, but there were no pills.
"Either she hasn't taken it, or she has taken it only in negligible amounts." the doc said. "But lets keep her in observation."
The tube was removed and Aisha stopped crying. She finally went to sleep. We stayed at the hospital for almost five to six hours and then returned home. Aisha was so tired that she almost fainted.  She has eaten nothing since morning. The little food she took was removed during the lavage. I gave her some rice water as soon as we reached home. She felt better.
At night, I asked her why she took the pills. "I haven't taken any pills, Mom," was her reply. Only Allah knows what has happened.

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Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Oh my baby...I am so glad she did not fall ill. You are right, only Allah knows, but better safe than sorry.