Weaning Part VI

I stopped lactating Aisha. I didn't even know that I was stopping. It all happened quickly. On 4th April night after dinner, we sat to watch some rhymes. Aisha slept in my lap without feeding on breast milk. I lactated her during her sleep. The next day, I explained to her that big girls don't feed on breast milk. I told her that if she wants to go to school, she should start drinking 'bottle milk' instead of breast milk. She promised me that she don't need breast milk anymore. And at night, I didn't feed her when she felt sleepy. Instead, I rocked her to sleep. Although she cried for a few minutes, eventually, she slept. While crying, she was shouting, "Aisha don't want to go to school!" I did not feed her during her sleep too. Instead, I gave her milk in a feeding bottle. I was planning to lactate her the next day, but my Mom suggested otherwise. She explained to me that giving one day old breast milk to kids is not good for their health. She got experiences, and I followed her advice. She cried a little for two more days, and then stopped. I feel proud of the way she adapted to her next stage of life.

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Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

She's so funny and cute..I love how she wanted to go to school then quickly changed her mind.
Rainbow never made any promises, but we had many fights about weaning. In the end he bit me- I got an infection and I couldn't nurse even if I wanted to.