Swimming pool.

I took Aisha to the swimming pool today, and I promise I'll never take her again! She wanted to go to the middle of the pool, which was very deep and I was afraid to leave her, although she had air filled tubes attached to her. I caught hold of her tightly and she struggled to get free. It was a water-fight rather than a swimming session! I immersed her in water 2 to 3 times. I expected her to be afraid of completely going down in water, but she enjoyed it. Why are kids these days afraid of nothing? Trying to grab her with all my strength, I got exhausted and my muscles started aching. She did not want to return from the pool, and I dragged her out of the pool. She was kicking and beating me all the way home.
Swim suit.

Aisha's cousin, Aisha and myself in the pool.

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