Advices Not Welcome.

Before becoming pregnant, and even before my marriage, I used to wonder about the nuclear families who don't have parents or grandparents to give them advice about their post-delivery period and baby care. Now I think its better not to have them with you. The reason? So many. Let me add a few. Those written in read are the old beliefs and those in green what the doctors have to say.
  • They say babies hiccup to get their belly bigger. Hiccups occur when the diaphragm (the muscle that helps us to breathe) contracts forcefully. Feeding with the baby in the lap, patting on her back etc are done to stop or reduce the hiccups..
  • Tears in the eyes make their eyes bigger. Some babies are born with a blocked tear duct, which causes tears to back up and overflow. Massage therapy is best for this problem.
  • Possetting in babies make them grow faster. New-borns vomit often when their peristaltic movement is not normal. It can be reduced by holding the baby upright for some 15-30 minutes after every feed, patting their back until the burp comes out and laying her in a half sitting position.
  • Massaging the head/hair with a lot of oil makes their hair grow faster. The kids will suffer from cough and cold with such a lot of oil.
  • Black collyrium (kajal) should be applied on their eyebrows to make it thicker. Nonsense!
  • Protruding belly button should be pressed down to make it normal. It becomes normal after 3-4 months. Pressing it may bring infection on the belly button.
There are a lot more. This list will go on at every stage of Aisha's growth. ;)

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