Nov 1, 2010 - The Longest Day of My Life.

I don't remember if it was sunny, cloudy or rainy morning. When I woke up at five in the morning, I was feeling very very hungry. I had a chicken the night before and the doc has asked me to eat anything after 11 pm. I could drink water till five. My stomach started shouting and roaring. After a while I started vomiting, but there was nothing to vomit. I was starving.
I had been there in the hospital for almost 1 month. I went for my usual follow-up to my gynecologist on oct 5th to our near by hospital, MES Perinthalmanna. The doc has suggested a scanning. I felt something wrong when I saw the face of the radiologist. I asked him if everything was alright, and he said "yes". But it was wrong. As soon as I saw the report (My mom saw the report earlier and she consulted the doc) I felt a jerk in my stomach. The Remarks on the report read 'There is a suggestion of chord around the neck'. Not again! I was admitted there, and later transfered to a better hospital, MIMS Calicut. Three times I was scanned and each and every time the remark on the report read the same. No way for a normal delivery, the new doc said. Well, normal or c-section, we wanted a healthy baby, after the loss of our first one. After the third scan, when we were sure that the baby was ok to be taken out, we planned for the c-section. Nov 1st, the day my rainbow completes 35 weeks, was chosen,  and Hubby, S, who was abroad scheduled his leave. He landed Kerala on Oct 30th.
By 9 am I was changed and taken to the pre-operation room, where my doc and the anesthesiologist came to see me. at 9:30, they took me to see my family and then they wheeled me to the theater. Five minutes infront of the theater when the nurses had a quick review of my file.
The song 'Aadi ushass sandhya poothathivide...' from the film 'Pazhassiraja' greeted me to the theater. The translation goes like this - 'The first dawn and dusk was blossomed here...'. Isn't that a beautiful song to welcome my Rainbow?
At 9:40 the anesthesiologist started with his work, but succeeded only at 9:50. I felt my legs numb. The nurse near to my head was explaining the procedures they were doing and the anesthesiologist was patting my head. I felt so soothed and fearless. Ten minutes later, the gynoc told me that the operation was over and I could hear the cry of my child. Wasn't that the sweetest sound I ever heard? Seconds later she announced the sex of the baby, a girl and she showed me the butt - that was my first sight of the baby, lol. And then I saw her face, when the nurse had put her in the tray. A pink, blue and purple face was all I saw. She was taken to the infant care section. The doc cleaned my wound and I was taken to the ICU after showing me my family. My daughter was in my mom's hand.
About half an hour later, the nurse brought my daughter to me. The id band on her wrist read: B/O Najeeba, DOB: 01.11.10, Time: 10.01. A binary timing! She weighed 2.5 kg, 45 cm long, with head circumference 33cm and chest 31 cm. She came 38 days earlier!
Aisha's first Day

As soon as I got her, I recited the last three Surah's of the Qura'an and blew softly on her body.  Later I learned that my maternal uncle has recited the Aazan for her. She was silent and sleeping. The nurse helped me to feed her every two hours. It took a lot of time for me to get to the fact that, at last, my Rainbow was with me.
The ICU day was so long... I wanted to get back to my family and waited eagerly for it. They took me to my room, No 507 Old Block,  only the next day.
My days were getting shorter from that day onwards....