Hair Cut

Today it was Aisha's first hair cut and her Aqeeqa. She was sleeping when the barber uncle came to take her hair. She was sleeping during the hair cut and after the cut! Her R-mom bathed her and put new dress. Her aunties, uncles and grand-mom came to see her. My aunties and uncles were also present. It was a big gettogether of our relatives and neighbours after a long time, may be after my brother's marriage. My elder brother, whom Aisha calls Vallikkakka and his family was not present. We missed them a lot.
Aisha's uncle, my hubby's twin brother and his family were the special guests of the occasion. Aisha woke up for a few hours during the day time, which is very very rare. She was able to see her relatives.
Before Hair Cut, Sound sleep.

Aisha's Aqeeqa.

After Hair cut...still sleeping!

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