Day 6 & 7 - In the ICU

It was time for the birth registration of our girl. A name was needed. I suggested Seena (Mt Seena in the story of prophet Mosa (PBUH)) and hubby S suggested Aisha. Finally, we decided Aisha.
My maternal uncle, a paediatrician, came to see me and my baby. He checked her and found she had physiological jaundice. He called his friends working in the hospital and asked them to check it. The next day, Rainbow's doc came in and asked the nurses to do the blood test. The Bilirubin count was 12.3! She was taken to the ICU. I missed her a lot, and I had to squeeze milk into a bottle every 2 hours and take it to her. Every 6th hour I had to go to the NICU to feed her. The night was terrible, nobody could sleep. At four in the morning on 7th, I went to feed her. Waited infront of the NICU till five, 'coz the nurses were busy with more risky babies. I could hear song from the ICU.
While I was feeding her, I saw a mom. She was waiting there for her baby who is also in the ICU. She had squeezed milk in a feeding bottle, and inside the nipple she had put some cotton. When they brought her baby to her, I was shocked. The baby was very small, weighing below 1 kg. The baby was fed with drops of milk, which took a lot of time and patience.  My mom asked about her whereabouts. She is a mother of two, a 3 year old girl and a new born, born at 7 months. The elder girl is with her granny, and this mom is staying at hospital alone, just to feed her new born every two hours. Staying at the hospital is very boring, and staying alone is even more boring!
I was happy that I was leaving the hospital after 1 month! I couldn't wait to reach the warmth of my home, to meet my dad and aunties. My aunties were staying with my dad when my mom came to stay with me at the hospital.
We left hospital at 8 pm. It was raining all the time. By 10 we reached my uncle's home were my maternal grandmother was . A five minute stop there, and then we left to my home. At around 10:30, we reached home. Wow! Home at last! The aroma, the light, the familiar bedsheets (after staying in green bedsheets for 1 month), the home-made food and my family - everything was very welcoming. A good night's sleep after so many days!!
Aisha At Home

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