Back to Home.

I took Aisha to the doc again yesterday for a follow up. He prescribed a iron syrup, a vitamin syrup and asked us to take her out in sunlight for at-least one hour every day. I wish he has said that some weeks before when there was more than enough sunlight around here, because now its winter and sunlight is something you don't get always.
We have started preparation for our trip to India. Shopping, packing and makings notes of items I shouldn't forget. I'm packing items that I won't need till I reach India. Well, there are items that should be packed only at the last minutes, like Aisha's medicines, dresses etc. Hope I never forget anything. I've started my packing when I was 13, the first time being when I went to my boarding. And then after my marriage, I've been packing for my trips to India and UAE. So packing isn't (I mean wasn't) a trouble for me. Last time when I came to UAE, Aisha was so small to 'help' me with the packing but now I think packing will be troublesome, with her 'help'. So, I'll have to do it when she sleeps. Alamdulillah, hubby is there to accompany us on our trip to India and will come to India to bring us back.

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