Sick again.

Last weekend, Aisha's cousin N came to stay with us. She had a slight fever and she gifted it to Z. With Aisha and Z always together, it was easy for Aisha to borrow it from Z and pass it to me! Aisha was having a high temperature yesterday, and we went to meet the doc again. He prescribed an antibiotic for Aisha. As for me, I'm trying the homeopathy as it was successful last time. I don't know why it happens but every time Aisha gets sick, I too get sick! Unlike Z, Aisha doesn't make a fuss while taking her medicines. But she never wants anything to eat, and I'm worried about it. Giving antibiotics on empty stomach isn't a good idea, isn't it? Well, she drinks milk, though.

Antibiotics for relief.

Sick and asleep.
Her nasal discharges are now thick with greenish yellow in color, meaning she has got an infection too. She wheezes and coughs, sometimes expelling the phlegm out. I wish babies knew to expectorate and blow their noses! Her sleeping ( and mine) is also disturbed when she coughs, or when her nose is blocked and she can't breath properly. To make matters even more worse, she has got a nappy rash too, which irritates her. I wonder why she got a rash when I don't use a diaper except while going out. The doc gave me a cream for that and asked me not to use any other lotions or soap on the affected area. I used to clean the area with soap after every pooing and peeing thinking that was best! I was wrong.
The happy part is that the doc said within their first year, babies have up to seven colds. Aisha had only two!!
I hope everything gets well soon, before Eid. Or else our Eid will be a stay-at-home-holidays, with no Eid prayers, no visit to friends and relatives and no outdoor activities.

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Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

It seems we are in for a mess of illnesses. InshaAllah her system gets stronger.

I too wish that younger kids knew how to expectorate and blow their noses...I was sucking from Rainbow's nose, but he hates it as much as I do.

Salam alaikum and big kisses for Aisha.