Living on Medicines

Me and Aisha has been literally living on medicines for the past couple of week, with Aisha's course ending today. I hope she doesn't have to take any more of those syrups again! For me, I have got a cough syrup and a nasal spray, thanks to the doc who didn't prescribe dozens of medicines this time. We have got a lot of measuring spoons now, from every syrups we bought. Aisha is having a good time playing with those, her new toys.

Aisha has started eating good, Alhamdulillah, and I hope she gains her lost weight before we reach India. Or else I'll have to hear the "Oh, my girl became so thin..." laments from every one. And there will be a lot of don'ts and do's waiting for me there. Why don't people mind their own business and let the mothers take care of their kids in the way they think the best? I hate advice especially the ones that comes with the myths.
Well, coming back to Duabi, Aisha has become more energetic, more stubborn and more possessive. She wants me near her all time, making the cooking and cleaning chores difficult for me. Whenever I get to the kitchen she starts wailing, and often I have to run back to take her even though at times I let her cry for a while. Parents shouldn't always submit themselves to the kids persuasion, right?
Aisha is also growing afraid of hair tufts and Pappus (Indian milk seed) and easily gets disgusted when her porridge or any sticky and thick liquids gets on her hands. Her favorite pastime is climbing on our cot (watch it here), sometimes slipping. As I said in my earlier post, she loves to go up vertically than go straight and learn to walk!
And yeah, she can switch on the TV using the remote.

Her second tooth has just popped out, and nursing her has become a little more difficult. She loves to eat more crispy and crunchy foodies now.

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