Still sick.

Aisha is still suffering from fever. After taking her to the doc on 2nd, her temperature went high again on 3rd. The paracetamol syrup proved no use, and we called the doctor. He advised us to give her a suppository Voltaren 12.5 mg, and we had to use it twice in a day to keep her temperature normal. Aisha was having a bad cough too, so we took her again to the doc on 5th, and he prescribed a cough syrup, Ventolin (Salbutamol). Aisha is now taking four medicines! No wonder she eats nothing now!!!
I made a mistake while giving her the medicines. The doc wrote 1 tsp of Cefedox (Cefpodoxime Proxetil) and I mistook 1 tsp to be 2.5 ml. It was on the third day when I noticed on the spoon that 1 tsp was 5 ml. Although I completed the whole medicine, the dose must have gone down on the first three days which made the infection worse resulting in the bad fever.
Yesterday morning Aisha was very weak, with sleeping till 9 am (she usually wakes up at 6 or 6:30 am) and waking up only after calling her several times. So I stopped the medications and took her to the doc again. Her temperature got higher as soon as she missed a dose. At the hospital the doc asked us to get her urine and blood tested. We got the blood tested, but was not able to get the urine. She pees only three or four time a day after she got sick.

Her test result was not a fine one, with a high bacterial infection and a low hemoglobin level. The doc decided to take an injection, for three days. It felt very sad to see Aisha crying, when they pierced her arms twice - to get the blood for the blood test and to give her the test dose, and then her thighs for the injection. The nurse was saying that she was too weak to pull her hands and legs and so they didn't have to put much force to hold her still. It felt very depressing to hear that. With eating nothing except breast milk, her iron level has also dropped. I don't know what to do. She doesn't even like water now.
I hope she recovers soon and everything turns out fine once again. Ameen.

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