Tour with Aisha II

My brothers changed their residence two days ago and so we had to start everything from first. We had a lot of unpacking, cleaning and shopping. The mornings were busy with cleaning and the evenings filled up with shopping. Cooking was only done for namesake as there were only a few utensils and raw materials. It was a difficult job with the two kids, as one of us has to be always with them. As Aisha was not so social with others, usually I took the charge of looking after the kids. This was the first time my SIL staying alone with her son. It was a bit difficult to handle him, as he is a very active child. But that makes him more lovely. Taking care of both of the kids sometimes needed patience beyond our capacity. It was also a new way to learn many things.
One way to keep them away from fighting during shopping was to put them in separate trolleys.

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