We had two wedding on 25th and 26th, my cousin brother M’s and my brother’s brother-in-law S’s. The second groom, S, was marrying my teacher’s daughter. For Aisha and me, the weddings started on Friday. We went to the bride’s home on the wedding eve of M. The next day was their wedding. The same day, it was the wedding eve of the S, and so we went to the bride’s home. The next day, it was S’s wedding.
By the time we reached home after S’s wedding, Aisha was having severe nappy rashes. Continues use of diapers for almost three days made her skin red and swollen. She started screaming every time I took her to bathroom. Peeing and pooing became nightmares. I stopped using panties and pants for her. It took almost a week to get rid of the rashes.

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