Hair Cut

 I trimmed Aisha's hair yesterday for the ...er... 5th or 6th time. Unlike last time, she sat still and silent. What a good girl, MashaAllah! Kisses for her for being so patient.
Before trimming.
My hair ( most of my family members have the same type) is straight and soft. It was thin when I was small, but grew luxuriant with me. Until my teens, it was lustrous but then hair-fall started and now its thin again. Aisha inherited her Dad's hair and is completely different from mine. Its curly and coarse. I decided to cut it because of the heat here, and her head sweats often.

After Hair cut
 With her hair gone, she looked different. Everybody says she looks a lot more like me now, I think that is because her hair is straight now! She resembled her Dad with the curls.
A comparison.


Um Zakarya said...

Assalamu Aleykum sister,

MashALLAH she's sooo cute with and without hair!But she looks more cheeky with trimmed hair ;).
My son also has thick curly hair, and it's so hard to keep them decent when they start growing.They grow toward the sky and I always try to flatten them with a lot of gel lol.

Lot of love to you and little Aisha.And btw don't hesitate to send me your email so I could send you an invitation to my private blog InshALLAH!

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

I love the shorter do. She sat patiently? MashaAllah, you have a big girl now. so beautiful.

Rainbow has had 9 trims so far, and I am tired. We often wait for him to sleep, but baba decided we will not punish ourselves anymore.

Nishana said...

Did she let you? Once I managed to crop LIya's hair... you know what happened next.... She grabbed pappa's scissor and cropped a handful of hair from her forehead...:(

Nishana said...

Btw, she looks cute with trimmed hair.. But I honestly love the cranky face kids have with their messy hair..That make them cuter..:)