Yesterday we went to the hospital to take her vaccination, MMR. I expected her to yell when the nurses held her hand tightly, but to my surprise she never cried. she was watching the baby next to us cry when the nurses came to inject the medicine on her hand. She just watched the process curiously, with a small whining when it was all over. What a brave girl! Aisha is always full of surprises.
We decided to give brave little Aisha a surprise with some toys. Her granddad, D,  bought some toys for her. She was happy and thrilled. D always pampers his grandchildren with toys. As for me, I don't buy any toys for Aisha as there is more than enough toys in our house. I think we can build a 'toys' house' in the near future.
 Aisha loved the piano and the bead-drum more, because they make sounds.

And do you want to know how she went to bed? With the bead-drum in her hand!
I wonder what is she dreaming. May be about a little princess playing with the piano... with angels to sing to her music... kids playing on merry-go-rounds... in a garden with so many flowers.... butterflies and humming birds fluttering around to sip the nectar... One of the butterflies comes and sits on her palm... Aisha shouts in joy... Sweet dreams my little love.

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