Child proofing.

Houses in India are never child proof. My hubby's home is no exception. Since there were no kids here, nobody bothered about child proofing the home. But with Aisha we have a different story. I have to put obstacles in every dangerous places, so that she cannot reach them. Aisha has learned to cross some of the obstacles, but still it takes some time for her to reach her goal. I haven't moved the barriers since I can pull Aisha away from the dangers before she can jump the barrier.
 This is our back door, through which Aisha can easily get out of our home. I just put a wooden sofa table at the door to make sure she doesn't go to the door when I'm busy in the kitchen.
 There is a lot of wire under the TV stand, and Aisha scoots to the place when it is left open. I covered it with a cardboard box, and placed chairs on its side to prevent her from pulling the box. Still, she plays on the switches of the TV!
Staircase barrier. I tied a chair to our staircase, but Aisha still manages to move the chair  making space for her to climb the stair, but that gives me time to catch her before she reaches the first step.
I close the door of every room in our home, or else she climbs on the beds and reaches the shelves or windows near the bed. Aisha also knows to switch on the pedestal fan in our kitchen, and I have to double check that the power switches are always off.
Is your home childproof?


Amalia said...

I love how you baby proofed the stairs. Very smart idea.

We are facing similar problems, Nora gets into everything. Yesterday she fell off the bed. Horrible moment.

Anonymous said...

Many things to think about when your little one loves to makes new discoveries!
I keep your ideas in mind for the future! Stay well Najeeba.