Aisha's granddad brought a bunch of banana and two jack-fruits from the orchard. Aisha loved the bananas, plucking each one and eating it until she was full. She didn't like to eat the jack-fruits, but loved to see it and touch it, to feel the pricking sensation from its peel. 

 Another of Aisha's favorite is tamarind, she loves to chew the sour tamarind for hours. I'm afraid that tamarind will cause harm to her digestive system, so I don't give it to her. But she finds small pieces of tamarind shells or veins and chews them.
Sometimes I feel my mouth watering when I see her chewing the tamarind! Aisha also loves unripe mangoes, and she yells for one when she sees them anywhere. It seems she likes the sour fruits!


May said...

My daughter loves jackfruits very very much!! Her grandpa used to go all over town searching for the best ones for the granddaughter. Over here, she misses them all terribly!!! Both the grandparents and fruit.

Amalia said...

Great pictures! It's great that she loves to eat fruit. Nora loves strawberries and cantaloupe at the moment. Aisha's favourites look so much more exotic!

Anonymous said...

The photos are so sweet, slowly she develops her taste and she already seem to like many things!