Girl with the green thumb.

My Mother-in-law,M, is very good at gardening, she has got a lot of flowers and other plants in her garden. She knows almost everything about watering, fertilizing and the season in which the seeds or stems are to be planted. On the contrary, I don't know anything about gardening, making me a bad at it. The main reason why I don't have a green thumb is - I don't stay at a place for more than six months. So naturally, I cannot plant anything, water it and fertilize it to see it grow into a big tree. After one or two months of hardwork from my side, the plant grows healthy and then I have to leave the place. The plant dies. I'm ashamed to admit that there isn't any tree on planet earth that I have planted. May be, one day, when I get settled somewhere, I'll grow so many trees around my place, Insha Allah.
Caressing the plants.
I don't know yet how Aisha is. But she loves the green. She feels the flowers (sometimes pluck them) and leaves in our garden. She loves to see the bees and butterflies that visits the flowers, and calls them by a beckoning gesture with her hand. Aisha loves to see the palm leaves dance in the breeze. She stares the leaves shivering in the wind.
When M comes to water the plants, she joins her. The end will be a fully drenched girl if I allow her to continue watering. With the fever recurring almost every week, I'm afraid to give her the complete administration of watering the plants.
Some snaps of Aisha in the garden on a pleasant evening.

Helping M.

Watering all by herself.


Anonymous said...

It is so sweet.....I hope too one day to settle down and have this place with many plants, flowers and some vegetables & fruits.
Till you get yours too Najeeba, enjoy watching your little one having fun and helping her grandma!
Have a lovely day.

May said...

I love plants too..very very much!!! And I do have a green thumb..:-) I know what you mean about having to leave your plants behind. For a plant lover like me, it hurts to let them go, but then I cannot survive without any of them too.

Bonnie said...

She is the most precious thing ever, I want to pick her up and hug her SO bad!! Ma'ashallah what a super cutie!!

I have all th eintentions of putting in a garden but what I do have is an assortment of dying plants. Ok my dear you have inspired me and so I am going pray Zuhr and dig the garden right now!!

Lots of love to you xxx