Great Granny

Aisha's great grandmother, or her Dad's grandmother, is living with us. Granny is in her 90s, has got Alzheimer and doesn't hear anything unless we shout in her ears. But she has got very good eyes-sight. With Alzheimer, she can't remember anything, and sometimes she refers herself as a girl. She is almost like Aisha, except that she can speak well.
Granny doesn't know that the lady in the mirror is her reflection. She takes is for another person, sometimes her school friend, sometimes her mother and sometimes it is a thief who has come to steal her Jewellery.
Aisha and Granny.
Aisha too doesn't know what a mirror image is. She too takes it for another baby, kissing her and saying good bye to her. She pokes the eyes, licks the face and tries to pull the hair. When Aisha goes near the mirror, there are two grannies and two toddlers in their world. Granny asks Aisha to stay away from the girl inside the mirror, "or else the girl will poke your eyes." She says.
In response, Aisha shouts at Granny's reflection. Aisha usually shouts and makes hand signals when she is near Granny, like the way we do when we talk to Granny. She imitates every thing.
Granny loves Aisha, and I think Aisha has brought some laughter to her usually bored life. Granny has got nothing to do all day, and can't do anything. Just eat and sleep. Aisha gives her nothing-to-do hours a break, pulling her handkerchief, her bedsheet and her hand. Aisha kisses granny and cares her hands and legs. Granny is also very careful about Aisha. Although she doesn't know her son (my father-in-law), my MIL and me, he refers to Aisha as 'my daughter'.
I sometimes wonder at their relationship, only they understand them. The very young and the very old. A huge generation gap. But still, they enjoy each others company more than anyone.

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Amalia said...

How wonderful for Aisha to be able to spent time with granny. A very special bond :)