Tour with Aisha III

Finally the day came for our Munnar trip. Munnar is a beautiful hillstation situauted on the western ghats of Kerala.
At Cochin, ready for the trip.
We started at 9 am in the morning on 4th May. It was a beautiful drive through the lush green forests of the ghats. We had a pit stop at my brothers' friend's home, where she served lunch for us. It was a very tasty meal, and we were very hungry. Our breakfast has been not so great since we were busy with getting ready for the trip. Coincidently, it was her birthday. Her parents and sister treated us wonderfully and it was really sad to say goodbye to them. We decided to present her with some gift on our way back.
Soon after leaving her home, we started ascending the hills of the ghats. I don't think I'll ever forget the drive. Through the dense forests with the music made by a thousand birds and crickets and cascades, where our eyes could only see trees, trees and more trees. It was like a mystery - you anticipate something at every turn of the road, you watch cautiously for a deer or an elephant in every dense growth of trees. But all you see is a squirrel crossing the road in a flash or a couple of birds fighting for the leftover foods from the tourists. As we reached the top of our ascend, my nephew became more and more peevish, and we had to stop. He vomited a little and then he got fine. Within a few minutes, we reached Munnar.

Our destination was Yellappatty around 27 km away from Munnar town. We reached there at around 4 pm.  Aisha and Ml was glad to get out of the car. They started running through the lawns. The air was filled with their squeaks and cries of laughter. The slightly cold breeze and the rays of the setting sun added more glory to the happiness of the evening.
As we were all tired after the long drive, we didn't go for any sightseeing that day.  We just walked around our tourist home, a beautiful bungalow built during the British rule. We haven't lived in a home with such an ancient architecture and so it felt like living in history!

The difficult part was too keep away Aisha and Ml from the china ware displayed along the corridors of the bungalow.

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