Tour with Aisha V

We decided to leave Munnar on 6th. Everyone has got cough and cold, especially the kids. We left after breakfast. On our way to Munnar town, we stopped at the Echo Point. It was fun to shout from one side of the river and listen to the echo coming from the hills at the other side of the river. Even Aisha started shouting. 

Our next stop was at Munnar town to buy some chocolates and tea powder. Since it was a long journey back, we decided to give our legs some exercises by strolling in the park. Aisha wanted to slide, and I promised to take her to the slide. But there were no slides in the park. Luckily, we found a swing and Aisha had to get contented with it.

It was again long hours of drive through the dense forests, stopping only for lunch. We reached home at around 9 pm. Both the kids were fretful, and all of us tired and hungry. But our home was not at all welcoming! We forgot to close the water tap in our kitchen when we set out to Munnar. There was no water in the tap when we left, but later when water was supplied, it gushed down the floor . Now, our beds (I did not fold it up on the day we set out, because I thought it would be best to come back to a laid bed and fall on it) were wet, our bags spoiled. We together with the whole house were in a mess. Cleaning and unpacking again.
We had a little surprise waiting for us when we returned home. A bird's nest inside our lamp shade!

New residents.

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