2011 Reflections - Living with Aisha.

Having a part of your self and soul with you through out a year is really wonderful. I sometimes wish time would go slower so that I can enjoy these moments more. I remember last January, when Aisha was sleeping all day covered in flannels and blankets to keep her warm, waking up only for feeds during day time to make the nights active. And now, here she is, sleeping all night and making my days happier, busier and at times angrier and very tired. She is an active and enthusiastic girl, sending sparks all around the home, touching lives of anybody near her - except strangers.

Lessons I learned:

Be alert 24x7 - I don't think Moms need an explanation for this. Keep an eye on you ovens, gas cylinders, sharp and breakable kitchen utensils, sockets, bathroom doors, windows, chairs, tables, sofas, beds, ... the list never ends.
Have a lot of patience - You will have to watch her (silently, no shouting or whipping) pouring the gravy on the new dress you wanted to wear for the marriage function of your cousin. 
There is nothing unimportant - She has mouthed the tiny bit of paper you threw away.
Enjoy every moment - Hear her giggles when cuddling her - I never wanted those moments to end.
Compliment every good deed - Aisha always feels happy and proud when I say "Good Girl!".
Applause the victories - She wants me to clap her hand when she does anything she has newly learned - standing alone, walking alone, blowing a kiss, ...
Love unconditionally - Borrowing Celine Dion's verses - I never knew a love like this till you.
Hug and kiss often - Give it and get it. I find my sorrows melting away!
Childhood is the best part of your life - Sometimes I wish I could be her once more...
Push away irritating persons - Aisha yells when she is in the company of irritating persons. I wish I could also do it!

Changes in my life:

Cooking and cleaning became faster.
Always multitasking.
Browsing at 1 or 2 am.
Bath time reduced to  5 minutes.
Flexible sleeping time.
Eat healthy food and drink lots of water.
Take care that I don't get too sick to look after Aisha.
Lowered the number of books read.
Changed the priorities of likes and dislikes.
A fat body!!

My dearest little girl,  
One day you will grow up into a little woman, Insha Allah. If you ever come across this blog, I take this moment to tell you that I love you a lot.
I love you. May Allah bless you and gather us together with your brother in Jannah. Ameen.
With Love and Prayers,

Chasing Rainbow
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Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Oh my, I absolutely love LOVE this list. I was also reflecting on our life last year when little one was actually a baby, and now it is so different isn't it? They grow too fast. Wow, there is so much in this post I want to comment on.

I especially loved your note about Aisha pushing away people who irritate her :) and I love the note on applauding the victories. I see the difference it makes for Rainbow as well.

On a personal level, I totally understand giving up so many things to enjoy the small things with our little ones.

This is a thoughtful post and a beautiful tribute to Aisha. May Allah always bless your family Najeeba.

I am so happy that we can share the many stories of motherhood.

Salam alaikum.

Angelle said...

What I learned from my toddler (it seems only last week; has it really been 14 years?) was definitely that nothing is unimportant and to enjoy every moment. I remember days when we started out walking to the park, but only got 10 feet down the sidewalk in a half hour because Gem needed to stop and examine every flower, rock, and bug...what precious memories.

I am glad you are taking the time to appreciate your sweet Aisha.

Nadya said...

This is beautiful and as a mother I can really relate. And they just get older and smarter at such a pace. I never want those moments to end, but then the next one comes and she has learned and grown and then I think, ok, here we need to stop. But it never does and life goes on. But what a beautiful life it is!

Foz said...

What a lovely post and can relate to everything on it.

Time certainly goes fast so enjoy every minute.

Anonymous said...

It was a real pleasure to read and see how life can change for the best with a little one around.
It's a wonderful gift and may God bless you with many good things in 2012. Enjoy every minute, time runs and everything we lose can't be taken back.
Take care